About Us

Jupiter gallery is a joint venture between Lynne Coakley and Chris Dyer. We are established in Newlyn, West Cornwall which for some time has been an important location within the arts and we are pleased to be able to contribute to this significance. It is our intention to promote emerging artists who are exploring  on a visceral level and creating engaging forms of communication.

Each exhibition will have its own collage of events corresponding to the work and offer opportunities of public engagement and interaction that extends beyond viewing. As an example our first show with Faye Dobinson includes pop up meals inspired by the images, live discussion with Rob Unett, poetry readings and screen printing workshops hosted by the artist.

We have a solid belief in the importance of art as a concept that can be implemented into everyday life and as a spectacle to be admired and appreciated independently by communities and cultures.

Above all we believe that art is for everyone and will work hard to promote this and encourage participation from as many people as possible.

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