Daisy Rickman

Daisy Rickman is a selt-taught multi-disciplinary Artist from Cornwall (UK) currently based in Berlin. After leaving home at 18 and realising the education system was not for her, she instead chose the follow her own path, which over the past 7 years has led to working as a freelancer internationally in the Film, Photographic, and Visual Art Circles.


“The power of our hands as human beings extends infinitely through the possibilities of expression. Each is unique and this fascinates me. I am interested in this subconscious space between dreams and abstract perceptions of our existence. That hypnagogic realm of honest flow, where one can let go of the mind and focus further on the tunings of our bodily senses and rhythms. When you reach that golden haven of sound and vision between beings amidst the magic of creation. Being a musician, my paintings and this process are deeply influenced by music, with certain rhythms and melody’s guiding my hands through the spectrum of light and form. For me, these different realms of self-expression are not separate from one and other. Each practice provokes and encourages the other, simultaneously bringing the visions of my mind through hand and body into reality.  A force which exists beyond the realm of rationality, channelling from the same source of visual cosmology.


Within our understanding of space and time, I am mesmerised by the discoveries of Quantum Physics and ancient teachings of Zen Philosophy. Both speaking of the same truth, this supposed polarity of science and mysticism has now revealed a duality within the dance of our universe. The balance of light and dark which eb and flow within the nature of opposites pulls my work to continue delving deeper into this visual metaphysical realm. Similarly as with methods of meditation, music, and magic, for me painting offers a parallel passage into this subconscious state of being.


I would like the paintings to speak for themselves, which is why I choose to express myself in a visual form. They are what they are and you may take from them what you will. I hope in being with the works you can allow oneself to be immersed into this realm without the need for reason or explanation. To plunge into this ocean of the mind and sit a while in the pools of perception that led to their physicality. “

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