‘Between stimulus and response is a space, In that space lies our ability to choose our response, In that response lies our growth and freedom’.
Viktor Frankl

Faye Dobinson

Faye Dobinson is a London born artist who, after studying at Camberwell College of Art, looked for alternative ways to develop her craft. Having travelled extensively to meet and work with artists of other cultures, she has had solo shows in London, Tibet and Mongolia. She completed a BA in Fine Art at Falmouth University and now lives and works in Penzance, UK. She revels in the independent spirit of this far flung British town by the sea recently granted the UK’s first ‘Plastic Free’ status (featured BBC’s ‘Coastal Communities’) while sister town Newlyn (where she is a tutor at the independent Newlyn School of Art ) has just celebrated the release of ‘Bait’ by local director Mark Jenkin, a film that critic Mark Kermode has hailed as ‘one of the defining British films of the decade’.

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