3 Sister Ring – Hand formed silver statement ring with a chased indented detail. Chunky and comfortable for the weight of metal.
Dimensions: Ring size – S ½ Ring shank – 5 × 5 mm Triangle – 3 cm × 2.5 cm £160

Hannah Humpston

Hannah’s Jewellery is about taking patterns from the past, fusing silver with gold, and absorbing ethnic influences to make contemporary statement pieces.
The process of making is key. Her silverwork explores texture and form using traditional processes such as forging, granulation, reticulated surface texture, Keum-boo (fine gold fusing) and lost-wax casting.
She has a fascination with pattern, shape, texture and colour – especially the ethnic motifs traditionally found in fabrics and this is translated into her creations
Hannah’s style is always evolving, but the basis is bold, geometric designs, mainly in silver. Each piece has its own idiosyncratic twist, spontaneity is such a big part of how she creates and the techniques used allow each piece to develop with texture and form.

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