Ken Gill

“It is impossible to say what it is that predisposes or enables certain individuals to see through the surfaces of things as they are into the relations that make them so. We cannot inquire, but we respond, in deep appreciation, to the work, that unsettles us to the point of perception, to that instant just before things fall into place, fall into the neat categories in which we have grown used to keep what we see, and hear, touch, feel and breathe. True art is both restoration and discovery, restoration of the innocent eye of childhood through the discovery of how matter matters. Artists like Ken Gill participate in origins, showing us how the prime elements of our exquisite environment of fact, space, light, colour, planes, ground, spheres and their variations as shadow, shade, shapes of rock, are all transformations of simple matter in some of its infinite possible recombinations. We end up seeing what we have always seen but never seen before, thereby extending the range of our perception, making us look and look again, and so learning to respect – literally “to look again” – at where we find ourselves in the immense and startling beauty of this universe whose order we catch only in these glimpses given to us through work like Gill’s. “Spirit is matter reduced to an extreme thinness.” To accomplish this reduction is the task of the artist.”

Professor Joan Richardson, The Graduate Center City University of New York.

Ken Gill will be showing in March 2020

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