Roger Weisman

“Decisions at the most pivotal moments in my life seem to have been governed by chance:  the missed train in Paris which led to 2 years of teaching in an art school in Provence, which in turn inspired me to return to the USA to take my MA in sculpture; the excitement of the LA film industry drawing me from a struggling sculptor’s existence into a more prosperous world.

Within the creative buzz of Los Angeles I worked in film, advertising and music as an art director, sculptor and specialty prop designer, contributing pieces to films such as Austin Powers and Planet of the Apes, and to the touring sets of headline acts such as KORN.  At the same time I continued to fulfil private commissions of furniture and sculptured interiors.

Another chance meeting and 10 years later I moved from LA to Cornwall with my English wife.  In this inspiring landscape I work out of a converted barn overlooking the Atlantic, 3 miles from Lands End, designing and fabricating furniture and sculptural objects.  The collaboration I enjoyed working in film now manifests itself in working to create dynamic, enduring pieces that will be loved and used.”

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